It was a long time coming and Stephen pointed out the absurdity of my activity. I believe my life has been waiting beyond writing. I got a certain appreciation from writing, but has become something beyond my control. I think it’s beyond blogging, where I pick up the emotions from nearly every one of you. But writing has nearly ruined me. This world is not meant for me. I don’t belong because I can’t handle it.

These past days, I’ve cut back on the blogs I’ve read. Some of the most passionate writers I’ve been avoiding. It’s been too much. I haven’t read those I’ve felt affect me negatively.

This is what is left. I don’t think I’ll have trouble giving up. It’s easier than the inevitable rejection.

I’ll leave this post for a wee bit.


Some Talk

Everything seems to have a certain purpose. My friend stayed up late last night, with a couple of her friends, while I listened. They talked about a lot of things. She opened a topic, but it was so late at night, it might have waited. But it’s okay. It doesn’t matter.

She said her partner left her suddenly, after being so happy for so many years. They both agreed that for their time together, they were not only a great couple, but best of friends. She told me later that she always thought well of that relationship, but never knew if she was remembering it correctly.

It happened so suddenly when he left her, she didn’t ask until later, what went wrong. He never told her. She wonders if she should ask again but knows that after all these years, I probably doesn’t matter.

She has decided that it’s not worth the trouble. She will no longer pursue love. It’s something that continually hurts her. She wants it to stop.

I said that I really don’t have any good suggestions for her. A lot of people do exactly what she is. It doesn’t matter, as long as she truly moves on.

She said that it’s less like moving on and more like just changing herself.

I’ll have to think about that. I don’t know much about these things. But maybe she’s right. After all, she changed her life for him.

Note to Self

I can’t explain why I’m feeling so good today. Let’s just say I was able to get through a patch of self sabotage!

How many times have I had difficulties getting things done in the world, only to talk myself down? Well let’s hope I learned my lesson!

I’ll have to figure out how to recognize this in myself. Unless once I get to this point, it will be easier to catch. Time will tell.

I don’t especially like learning lessons as much as having learned. 😉

I know. It’s different though.

Thanks for listening! 🙂

The Future

Sometimes I wonder how I’m able to let my self get fooled so easily by other people in this world. People seem so anxious to take advantage of others.

If I think about it, it’s not too different than smart kids who aren’t challenged enough in school, or other things. They can sometimes become bullies or hard to deal with.

Maybe the world needs to change in order to bring out the best in people, alowing them to use all that they have for the joy of it! Until then, I guess it’s up to us to be loving and responsible for ourselves and each other, and understand that each one of us can share the amazing gifts we have and help each other, too.

I want to help you become your best. In turn, maybe you can help someone else. It probably wouldn’t be too long before we would see a better world.

Here I go again! 😀

Have a beautiful day! 🙂

A Listener

It was a beautiful day, full of promise! I really feel I planted some good seeds today. I looked at some old problems and came up with new solutions. It made me feel more myself!

I tend to be a listener. Sometimes people are unable to open up in a clear or defined way. I found asking them to speak plainly doesn’t always work for them.

Unless Timmy is trapped in the well or their house is on fire, I can wait to hear what they have to tell me. Maybe the problem will go away or they will ask for help.

I’m always here!

Thanks for the ear! (A rhyme) 🙂